About Us

We believe everyone can have access to technology tools to improve their lives.


Our work is to empower web, mobile and game developers to build to meet challenges faced by the underserved across platforms and devices. We do this through contests, ongoing app development and producing our own apps.





We link you to the One Economy network and partners.

“There Should be an App for That”

Through our “App for That” challenge, we work with service organizations to produce targeted challenge briefs that developers and designers use to create solutions.

Multi- media content you can use in your apps.

The PIC.TV and The Beehive help low-income people and new internet users connect to vital resources including free online tax services and information on health, jobs, money, schools and housing.

One Economy on-the-ground programs can field test new apps or games.

One Economy’s Community Technology Associates work to support our networks and train residents in new tools, including apps. Digital Connectors, identifies talented young people, immerses them in technology training, and helps them build their leadership and workplace skills. Connectors can work with field tests.

Our Access Services brings real challenges, statistics and user stories for us to work on.

One Economy’s Access Services works with affordable housing owners, technology companies, HUD, and others to bring low-cost, high-speed wireless broadband services to low-income communities.

A4G exists because we recognize that people are going mobile. We believe we can use open data, game dynamics and social networking to help solve tough problems.

If you are looking for Apps For Good in the U.K., you’ll find description of their excellent work helping youth become application developers at AppsForGood.org.


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