My Motivation:

“For the past ten years, particular moments in my life have fostered compassion for the world’s poor within me. Serving in my hometown, volunteering at local churches, or visiting provinces throughout the Philippines, I have been truly blessed to learn from those who may seem impoverished. These people, however, are rich in appreciation, respect, and kindness…it is us who must learn from them.“

My Super Powers:

...the power to write

Recent Posts

  • Bee Local on Your Desktop

    November 15, 2011

    A few weeks back we announced One Economy’s beelocal app. It is now available for the desktop. Like Yelp, it searches for nearby places and allows you to rate them. But beelocal is specific to public and private services that help low income people ... more
  • SIM, Blast From the Past?

    July 18, 2011

    Medic Mobile, sister project of FrontlineSMS created the first SIM mobile app, Kuvela, for global health organization PSI.  Around the world, especially in  third world countries, the health sector is in high demand of assistance and attention.  Kuvela allows users to use their mobile device for data base collection.  It is relatively easy to use.  A user has the ... more
  • The Front of the Line

    June 30, 2011

    More people in the world have cell phones than access to a toilet.  The power of technology and the ability to own some type of mobile device has become a necessity for millions of people around the globe, including the world’s poor.  FrontlineSMS is a platform software that allows non-governmental organizations (NGO) to communicate and ... more

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