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2012, The year of code?

01.06.2012 by Arthur Grau IV | 0 Comments
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Now for anyone who wants to build Applications for Good there is a simple solution.  CodeAcademy is asking you to commit to a lesson per week for 2012 at CodeYear. They are offering lessons in a stepped progression so that anyone can learn.  A fantastic opportunity for people of all walks of life to dig in and make their own applications. Who best to design the next app for your neighborhood or for a specific Challenge.  Much like the movement of html into common usage among people from a wide range of backgrounds, from myspace hobbyists to accidental hackers in marketing, pr or product development, javascript, and other programming languages are becoming essential to being media literate. We are planning to make this year a code year.  What fun.

Learning Coding with My 6th-8th Grade Girls vi...

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