Announcing Judge #1: John T. Keith

Apr 25th, 2011 | by missburrows | 0 Comments
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It is with much excitement that I announced the first of the three judges for the PDX Applications For Good Code-A-Thon on Saturday, May 7th, 2011:

John T. Keith,  President and Technologist at Cloud Four


He has over 25 years of software engineering experience and

“John loves to write software, and especially web software. The idea of matching form and function, finding that perfect blend of usefulness and appeal that solves real problems ignites him. You will often find him working late into the evening, trying just one more variation on an idea, one more possible solution to explore. ”

- From the Cloud Four website

Cloud Four is a “small, talented and experienced company focused on web, mobile and emerging technology” located in Portland, Oregon. They maximize their talents and your product by providing “web development & design from both sides of the brain.”

Thank you John, for adding your expertise to the PDX Applications For Good Code-A-Thon!

– Lia Hollander @missburrows

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