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Bee Local on Your Desktop

11.15.2011 by aaninag | 1 Comment

A few weeks back we announced One Economy’s beelocal app.  It is now available for the desktop.  Like Yelp, it searches for nearby places and allows you to rate them.  But beelocal is specific to public and private services that help low income people, found within the radius of a zip code.  Under the “Finding Places,” tab it is simple to search under various categories, such as “Family Services”.  Once a category is chosen, a drop down menu appears, revealing more specific subcategories, like “Adoption and Foster Services or Violence and Abuse Services.”

The organization’s contact information, address, and provided services are listed alongside a pin-point map.  Not only is it easy to search for service organizations, but it is just as easy to contribute to the site and suggest places, rate places or let beelocal know that you work there.  You can shine and “Become a Star” within your town, by suggesting or editing places.  By logging in through Facebook, Yahoo, Google, or Hotmail twinkling bright is made easy.

Clicking “Español” at the top right corner of the screen, gives you the service in Spanish giving access to the majority of Americans and  a significant portion of people in the world.  From smartphones to desktops, Bee Local is wherever you are, for places that matter.  And the place that matters the most, is locally.

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