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Code for Change begins in the summer of 2012 with the submission of  challenges by public service organizations and entry into the competition by technologists and innovators. Submit your challenge here. Collaboration and ideation is encouraged in advance of the event. The C4C website will host a solution library, where ideas can be posted, feedback gathered, and teams can form. Submit your solutions here. These efforts will culminate in the actual competition, which takes place over two weeks – bookended by a kick-off event on Friday, September 28th, and the competition expo on Friday, October 12th – in New York City at NYU’s Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service.

Before the Expo

  • The Code for Change team will work with public sector organizations to source and develop challenges
  • Challenges will be published on the Code for Change website
  • Teams will commit to challenges, organize around solving challenges, ask questions, and brainstorm ideas

The Kickoff and Expo

Kick-Off: Friday, September 28th
Competition Expo: Friday, October 12th
NYU Wagner
The Puck Building
295 Lafayette Street, 2nd Floor

Kick-Off: Friday, September 28th
  • Teams will come together, new teams are formed
  • Teams draft charters together outlining their goals and expectations for the next two weeks as they work to develop solutions. Charters will address roles, plans for collaboration, needed data, where work will happen and other team essentials
  • Teams sign up for mentors and expert assistance that then can access throughout the competition period
Collaboration Weeks: Septermber 28th  - October 12th
  • Throughout the two weeks, teams can work virtually and in-person on their own time
  • Teams develop their concepts into prototypes and/or functioning models
  • Similar to Google’s “20 percent time” philosophy, for two weeks, teams commit roughly 20 percent of their time to the effort, crafting new solutions to benefit public service organizations

Competition Expo: Friday, October 12th
  • All teams come together in the morning to put the final touches on their work
  • Mentors circulate, providing targeted ideas and enhancements
  • Teams set up exhibits and presentations to pitch their work
  • In the late afternoon, all teams demo their entries
  • Awards ceremony – teams win prizes; cash, venture pitch sessions, business mentorship, software, hardware, and other technology services
  • Reception
Throughout the events, live reports and updates will be posted via Twitter, video stream, and discussion boards.

→ Learn more about prizes
→ Learn more about eligibility criteria and rules

After the Expo

As part of the competition we will provide winning teams with incentives to continue their work after the Code for Change Expo in June. We know from experience that some of the best work happens after the big bang. In September, the Code for Change team will facilitate the showcasing of continued work to the Code for Change community and the world.

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