Official Judging Rules For PDX Applications For Good Code-A-Thon

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Greetings! I’m sure you’ve been dying to know the rules for the May 7th event, so I present them here for your pleasure:

Local code-a-thons are subject to the same rules and conditions outlined in the official rules of the general contest.  All local winners are eligible for all prizes in the national competition.
Judging and Criteria for Local Event

1. There will be 3 judges chosen by Sponsors at sponsors’ sole discretion.  All decisions of the Sponsors and the judges are final and binding in all respects.

2. All projects submitted for judging at this event must fall within one of these four categories:

3. Four prizes will be awarded:

  • First prize: $500
  • Second prize: $250
  • Third prize: $150
  • Audience Favorite: $100

4. Upon coding team formation, teams (4 people or less) and any one person teams will check in with volunteers and receive a bib with a unique number (just like in a real marathon) starting with: 000. Teams may pin the bib to one of their members or just leave it near their workspace.  Judges, the audience, and Sponsors will use this number to identify the team.

5. Teams should identify a team leader who’s role it will be to ensure the team completes on time and who will dialogue with the Judges and Sponsors in the event of a change of schedule or for status updates.

6. Teams may bring applications that are already in production to the code-a-thon to make improvements. If building on an existing application, teams must show what has already been built in their initial presentation.  Teams will receive credit and be judged only for work that was built during the code-a-thon.

7. Upon code-a-thon completion, each team will have 3 (three) minutes to present their work to Judges and other code-a-thon participants.  After each presentation, Judges will have 2 (two)  minutes to ask questions of the team.  Teams will be strictly timed so each team has the same opportunity.

8. Judging Criteria for First -Third Prizes: See general judging criteria for more detail.

  • Potential Impact on Target Audience (Total of 10 points available)
  • Feasibility to Implement (Total of 5 points available)
  • Originality (Total of 5 points available)
  • Usability (Total of 5 points available)
    • Ties in any category will be decided by Sponsors and team from One Economy based on the above criteria

9. Judging for Audience Favorite:
After all teams do their show and tell, and while the judges deliberate, audience members will vote for their favorite. Audience members must be present for the entire presentation period in order to be eligible to vote. The team with the most votes wins. Any team, regardless of other prizes won, will qualify for the Audience Favorite award. In the case of a tie, where more than one team receives the same number of audience votes, the prize will be split among the winning teams.

10. The team leader of each winning team must complete and submit a W-9 form at the close of the event in order to receive prize money.  Winners’ prizes will be mailed to them within 30 days of the event.

11. If at any time during the judging process for code-a-thon winners, the Sponsors determine, in their sole discretion, that the quality and breadth of the Submissions are not of a standard to qualify for the awarding of any prize, then the Sponsors shall have the right to discontinue the judging and/or terminate the Competition.

12. Sponsors reserve the right to alter these rules, schedule or judging criteria at any time and at their sole discretion.

Please remember to RSVP to the event!

Lia Hollander

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