Example database questionnaire

Not all applications require access to data or currently updated information.  However, many do.  The questions below are designed to get you thinking about how you work with information and data.  The questions are intended to provoke thought and are not exhaustive.  The answers you provide will inform developers and the solution once we get to Level Four, The Build.

  • How do you manage data on your work process?
  • What database system do you use if any?
  • Where is your data stored?
  • What kind of format is the data  in?
  • Is it backed up?
  • Are there Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) for your software?
  • Do you use databases and information from other companies or entities?
  • Do you use any open or public data sources?
  • What kind of interaction with your own database would your app need to have?
  • What kind of interaction with partner databases would your app need to have?
  • What kind of interaction with public data would your app need to have?
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