Host your own A4G Chapter.

  1. Visit our Meetup Anywhere and start your group
  2. Pick a date, time and place to host your first meetup (restaurants and bars love the business meetup groups generate)
  3. Publicize and share.  Download logos and other images here Get a badge for your site to let people know you’re working on applications for good.  Or embed our toolkit (coming soon)
  4. Best if you start easy and social.  Have name tags, sign up sheets (here’s a pdf of one you can use) some give-aways or presentations by leaders in the field.  Once you’ve met once or twice there are ideas below on ways to plug into the A4G process
  5. Once you’ve held your meetup, talk about it.  Both at Meetup Anywhere, facebook and twitter and by becoming an author at A4G.  Sign up for the site and contact us to request author status. Get your work seen.
  6. As your group grows we can help you find projects, grow your incentives and publicize your outcomes
  7. Plan more events, and bring Applications for Good to other hosted events
Net Squared has published an excellent resource on community organizing.

Activities that you could host.  


Provide New Research

These days we are awash in data and reports on how mobile and gaming is changing our lives and helping people with their toughest problems.  Well documented research on existing or emerging solutions makes us all smarter and able to address the challenges.  You can use your local chapter as a forum for research and development. We will publish your findings. Contact us for the most current projects.

Create Challenge Briefs

Talk about some of the issues facing your community that might be addressed by the right application and create a brief to describe the problem.  Briefs can be generated for any of the needs at A4G.  Here’s a pdf template to get you started.

Generate App Ideas

Use our Solutions section to get your idea seen and to build your app.  Host a meetup to generate solution ideas and return here to submit your idea for consideration as a project. Here is a method we’ve been using to generate solutions. “Should be an App for That” pdf.

Get Behind a Project.

So you think you have the team to get behind an App already hosted on this site?  You want to generate a working group for your own idea? Here’s how projects work. We will turn the idea into a project in the solutions section when there are enough people involved, or you ask us to.   Sign up to lead a project here.

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