How A4G Works

The Basics

At One Economy, we know the problems of poverty and believe technology will be part of the solution. We are building apps and we want your help.

  • We start with Needs. Here are a handful of tough ones we think can be
    addressed in part, by applications — on desktop, web, mobile and game consoles.
  • Each need is supported by a group of Challenge Briefs.  These are specific asks from individuals or organizations to get something built.
  • From the Challenges we derive Solutions in both idea and project form. If you see or have an application idea you want to take the lead on, it becomes a project. Projects are our gathering point for problem solving talent. We encourage the use of Meetup Everywhere and Google Groups among other tools to help teams manage and publicize their projects.
  • Finally there is our App Catalog. Discover apps that are already addressing the Needs. When yours is ready, it will be featured here.

Why Join?

ApplicationsForGood is an online open innovation community where you’ll find others who, like you, are looking to do meaningful work with their talents.

We know the people who need your help and we know the organizations who can fund your efforts. We are here to make the connections.

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