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    Need | Find Jobs

    We know apps People need a job to get by. And they need a better job to thrive and build wealth. Apps can help manage a job search, train for interviews, build new skills or new social networks. Mobile devices have already raised GDP around the world. The coming mass use of mobile data will create wider streams of income and jobs of all kinds. ... more
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    Need | Connect Learners

    American students were once the highest achievers in the world. Now? We’re 14th in literacy, 17th in science, and 25th in math within the member nations of the OECD according to the PISA*. Students from low-income families or who have disabilities are behind further yet. The devices youth constantly use need to become portals for a new Connected Learning Environment that will create lifetime learners and make us a more prosperous nation. New apps can both help create and reap some of this new wealth. ... more
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    Need | Bank the Unbanked

    The unbanked and underbanked number 30 million in U.S. They turn to expensive rapid anticipation loans, payday loans, pawn shops, rent-to-own stores, auto title, lenders, and check cashing services. Low income adults spend $5 billion a year on predatory lending services alone without establishing savings and a credit history. Apps that educate consumers about the banking system, promote financial education, and provide a less intimidating banking experience have incredible potential to address the needs of this neglected market. ... more
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    Need | Trim the Fat

    Obesity is a $147 billion health problem in the U.S. African Americans and Hispanics are more likely to be obese due to lower average incomes. Few diet and fitness apps directly address the circumstances of low-income, ethnic populations. User-centered, culturally adapted apps that fill this gap could have great impact and financial benefit. ... more
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