Goal: Understand A4G process, secure your organization’s willingness to participate with your staff and leadership and demonstrate capabilities of your constituent engagement.

Outcome: Letter of intent (part 1) and baseline engagement report (part 2).  You gain a deeper understanding of your constituent technology interaction baseline.

Commitment: About 2-12 hours over four weeks

Step 1:  Secure internal engagement from your organization

  • Get people excited and share the opportunities for participation with your decision makers
  • Identify internal champions and project managers – Who in the organization will be participating and how much time will they commit? It is suggested at least two person-hours per week be allocated to the project.
  • Demonstrate buy-in from the organizational leadership and a desire to participate with A4G.

Step 2: Engage your constituents:

At this step, we ask that you perform an audience analysis. The purpose is to show that there is a market need, demonstrate enthusiasm, verify adoption capacity in  your community of impact. In addition, this constituent outreach will establish a benchmark for your current level of technology engagement. This should take be an audience survey using an accessible form of technology like:

  • google form
  • text message survey
  • email newsletter
  • phone poll
  • intake survey
  • focus group


Deliverable 1:

  1. Letter of Intent (part 1) with expressed support for partnership and naming the primary project manager emailed to your Applications for Good account owner.
  1. Register your primary point of contact on Applicationsforgood.com.
  1. Supplemental findings (part 2) of your initial baseline survey emailed to A4G in the form of a spreadsheet of document or as a narrative feature of your challenge brief (Level II).  If you already include technology analysis in your regular work, a summary of findings would fulfill this engagement.

Contents:   Engage   |   Challenge Brief   |   Prototype   |   Build   |   Implement   |   Scale


➤ Level 1: Worksheet

You will want to ask a series of questions like these, or introduce your own:

Q. What sort of cell phone do you use?

Options: a) Feature phone, b) Cell phone, c) Smart phone brand optional, d) None, e) Don’t know

Q. What do you use your cell phone for the most?

Options. a) Calls, b) Text, c) Internet, d) Games, e) Maps, f) All equally,

Q. What do you use your cell phone for the second most?

Options. a) Calls, b) Text, c) Internet, d) Games, e) Maps

Q. If you could create an application for your phone, what would it do?

Options: text field

Q. What could we do or create for you to use via phone or sms that would help you?

Options: text field

Q. If we provided an application like xxxxxx how often would you use it?

Options. a) Daily, b) Weekly, c) Rarely, d) Never

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