Challenge Brief

Goal: Develop and write a precise challenge brief about challenges you or your constituents face that might be remedied by a mobile, web or game application.  Clearly define  your challenges, opportunities, resources and gaps. This Brief will be used to inform your own solution ideas in Level 3 and inspire developers on the A4G website.

Outcome: Complete challenge brief published to A4G with a designated owner (person) at your organization.  You gain a broad understanding of your challenges and focus in on one that can have real value if addressed by a technology solution.  You separate challenge from solution.

Commitment: About 4-8  hours over two weeks

Deliverable 2:

  1. Challenge Brief draft published:  Including a user story entered onto A4G site.
  1. Sharing Challenges and Resources: A4G schedules a multi-partner call with other cohort members to refine themes and identify places to work together across organizations.
  1. Follow up and revisions to brief:  Sign in and edit the brief at
  1. Learn what exists:  A4G provides catalog of applications that may already be in existence that could support your challenge.
  1. Doing Good Badge: A4G provides badge of engagement for you  to place on your website, in your newsletters or other communications. The badge is a symbol to  invite your stakeholders to participate in the process with you.


➤ Level 2: Challenge Brief, Worksheet (part 1 of 2)

Use the following questions to draft your Challenge Brief.  If you are facing many challenges please choose one that could most benefit from a mobile or game technology intervention.

* Note: During the “challenge” activities you will inevitably start to generate solution ideas. Have a set of 5×7 cards on hand so you and your staff can write down “solutions”.  In our experience you will have great ideas for solutions, so write them down and you can visit  them later in the prototype. This activity is meant to refine challenges.

  • About Us
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • Name of the organization: (if no org, use your A4G chapter)
  • Core Mission (300 words):
  • Location/s
  • Our Challenge
  • Who is the primary audience we are trying to reach:
  • Challenge/Need we are trying to solve (< 300 words):
  • Appropriate technology platforms (Based on level 1 findings) :
  • Please attach a picture and a story of one of your constituents that is especially compelling and represents your audience. (Sample Here)
  • Outcomes
  • Success = ___________

➤ Level 2: Challenge Brief, Worksheet (part 2 of 2)

Resources and Gaps
Here are some questions to ask yourself after finishing thinking specifically about the challenge.  Please answer any of these that you find appropriate.  There are prompts on the challenge brief template at A4G. It should include both short term and long term estimates.

What’s in the kitty?  If you make a bet to address the challenge identified, what is the value?

  • How much would answering your challenge brief be worth to you and your constituents?
  • How much money would be saved or earned as a result?
  • How much personal time or social capital could be gained to you or your constituents?
  • How can you qualify or quantify improvement to quality of life expected?

Define how much you or your organization is willing to put on the line for this bet.

Assets: Things you already have, or own

  • data opportunities
  • communities on the ground
  • infrastructure, staff

Resources: Funding, partnerships, untapped skills

Gaps: What assets and resources are you still lacking?


Enter your findings with this form.


Contents:   Engage   |   Challenge Brief   |   Prototype   |   Build   |   Implement   |   Scale







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