Goal:Share your experience and expertise with the larger community.  Provide process feedback to A4G.Outcomes:Long term metrics and evaluation of the penetration of your application.  Reporting on what is working and what is not.Commitment: Four to eight hours or more over 12 or more weeks

Deliverable 6:

  • Complete a brief reporting questionnaire on working with A4G and return to your point of contact.
  • Complete a brief report on the long term impact of your application
  • Applications for Good publishes white papers, supports research partners and embeds story of success in future funding proposal
  • Press events and tech summits attended as possible venue to share your experience and promote your application.
  • Consulting with other organizations as needed.
  • Continued updates on your A4G solution page reflecting growing and changing project.

Contents:   Engage   |   Challenge Brief   |   Prototype   |   Build   |   Implement   |   Scale


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