Public Purpose Platform (P3)

Applications for Good parent company One Economy Corporation is a recognized leader in providing valuable, localized resources for low-income populations. We offer developer access to this valuable content through our Public Purpose Platform (P3).
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Resource Locator

A zip code-based database of social services that allows users to search for services in their local area. Try it here now. Through our APIs, your application can provide location, hours and general information about a wide variety of community resources.

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The Beehive

One Economy’s go-to site for information and resources on Money, Health, Jobs, School and Housing contains thousands of pages of text, image and video content to help your users. The U.S. site is at
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Make It Easy Toolbox

MEIT is One Economy’s method of distributing content and tools among local partners. The configurable widget can be placed on your websites and mobile web apps to connect users with content that pertains to your applications.

Contact us to find out how you can use these P3 tools in your application.

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