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Bike City


Biking is a fun way to get exercise, its also a economic and environmentally friendly form of transportation. But some times its hard to find your way around the city or to find a nice trail for the weekend. Even trying to find a bike shop can be hard sometimes. Bike City is a Peer based App that let users share information about bike routes and bike utilities around the area, helping bikers get the most out of they’re experience.

Using a peer run data base, users will be able to map out they’re location for others and them selves. Using simple tools anyone can create routes around town. With helpful tips like which roads are paved and how many pot holes a street has, so they can make the type of route they want or look at what others have made.

Bike City also has the ability to map out local shops and utilities so users can find what they need fast. Useful places like bike shops, gas stations, and where you can get air from can be mapped with Bike City so users can find what they’re looking for and get help when they need it.

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