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Finding internships


Internships are critical for building work skills and connections for teens in seattle, but they can be hard to find sometimes. Since there are a large number of teens with smart phones, with more and more getting them mouth, there should be an app that ties internship finding with smart phones.

Using smart phones ability to connect to our data base, they can search though what internships are relevant to them. We can grabs listings from across wide range of job listing sites in Seattle and across the country . Businesses and organizations can post their own internships directly on app. Our app offers tips for applying, interview questions,cover letter suggestions based on type of job applying for as well as resume help that will  Notifies users of ‘best match’ listings based on user profile data. With Rich filtering and functions (paid vs. non-paid, high-school vs. college, location/neighborhood, experience/education needed, industry/field, full time vs. part time, summer/seasonal) anyone can find what they are looking for. With our data, we can even suggest businesses and organization to create internship opportunities that are of interest.

Our application will provide a number of benefits to the community. Since it’s not dependent on a desktop computer, people will not be reliant on computer access to search for opportunities.Youth will benefit from having better access to internships throughout the Seattle area. Internships help us gain the experience needed to find a job and create connections for career opportunities. All of these benefits will allow us to better our lives and become pro-active community members.

Business and organizations will find interns faster and more efficiently; they also will be more willing to offer internship opportunities if enough users send suggest to them with our unique features.


Created By
Peter T, Charles Q, Diego R, Sandy Z, Chris C

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