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FoodStamped: A SNAP Survival Guide


  • Status:

    (as of 02.23.2011):


  • Proposal stage.
  • Sponsor: FoodStamped
  • Start Date: 2011/2/22
  • Current Needs: A programmer, project manager, designer.
  • Project Link:

FOOD STAMPED (based on the documentary FoodStamped) is a comprehensive mobile application designed to assist individuals eligible for or already receiving food stamps eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. The application would include several components that address access and affordability of healthy food, nutrition and cooking education. The application could include some or all of the following features. It will help those who are on food stamps eat healthy food while staying within their budget.

Features would include:

- An interactive map of healthy food resources (similar to the Google maps application) including farmers markets and grocery stores that accept food stamps, food banks, community gardens

- An interactive map of government agencies including WIC and food stamp offices and WIC vendors (Based on USDA data)

- Online applications for food stamps with guides of how to apply, eligibility requirements, etc.

- A food stamp eligibility test

- SNAP benefits re-application reminders

- Healthy, affordable recipes with shopping lists

- Healthy tip of the day — daily health tips automatically sent.

- Save favorite places

- Menu planning and shopping tips

- Share a Recipe feature that would allow users to post and send recipes, including a photo of what they made.

The application would ideally be available in several languages such as Spanish, French, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Tagalog, Korean, Russian, and Vietnamese

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