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Goal Setting application


Students and busy individuals need help managing their goals, that’s what “Goal Setting Application” is for. It helps users set short term goals as well as long term goals. People have very constrained schedule and struggles to keep on track with their goals. By using the Goal Setting application they can keep track of short term goals as well long term goals which allows top reflect on their progress and continue planning accordingly!

The Goal Setting Application has innovative features such as creating a “networking contact list” where contacts are separated into networking areas where they might be most useful and monitoring scholarship or job sites that users frequent.

Our community is a low income community with incredible diversity in its recently arrived families. We’ve noticed that our community members, especially our youth sometimes, are as familiar with goal setting and networking as higher income, less diverse communities. It is our hope that the Goal Setting Application will improve our community members’ ability to achieve their goals through increased organization and active reflection.

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Rainier Vista, Neighborhood house

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