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Goodwill Partnership Matrix Mobile App


  • We are currently working with two developers to take our concept from the prototype we displayed at the Apps for Good Code-A-Thon to a completely project in the next two months. We already have the basic design, we are now putting together the database of resources to include, and doing the HTML coding to put it online, as well as working on making the application to access the Web-based app.
    • Current Needs: We seem set for now.
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    Our idea: At Goodwill, we create solutions to poverty through the businesses we operate. In addition to being a network of re-used good retail stores, we offer a number of comprehensive resources that provide employment opportunities, job trainings, a number of social services – even programs to help youth from underserved communities reach their true potential.

    One thing we struggle with is how to keep our participants and clients connected – and connected to the programs and resources they need to not only find meaninful employment, but simply to make ends meet. They often need health care services, counseling, substance abuse support, even digital literacy training. Also, the folks who are there to help them also need access to get to those resources.

    Our Goodwill Partnership Matrix is a mobile application that any client, user, participant can quickly access to look up quickly and efficiently a database of all the resources they can use to remove the barriers to being successful, and that Goodwill partners with. With just a few phone clicks, from our HTML-based app, and the user is in touch with any number of resources they can then access or get in touch with – immediately.

    It’s a one-stop, technological answer to helping our clients stay connected, and have answers to their toughest questions anytime and on-the-go.

    This is one of Goodwill’s first forays into application development, but as a local non-profit covering three counties, with a relationship to our national network, we have quite a few resources and networks we can draw on – from our own IT department to our social media project team, we’ll be working in tandem to make sure this application can effectively serve our participants, clients, and counselors.

    Our team:
    SF Goodwill, DeveloperDesigner
    Dennis Harvey – Application Architect?
    Kathleen Moynihan – Goodwill Director of Development / Managing Project
    Scott M. Bruner – Goodwill Grant Writer – Project Assistant
    J.D. Lasica – Goodwill Social Media Consultant – Project Consultant

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