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Green Bank


Green Bank is a bank assistance and management mobile app that will help people access and manage their money. With in the app, individuals will be able to access their bank accounts from their phones.

Along with basic banking actions, like transferring funds to different accounts, looking your balance, and viewing your withdrawals, you will also be able to find ATMs near your area. Green Bank plans to use a peer run program within the app called ATM score. With this, Individuals will be able to not only locate near by ATM, but find ones that are affordable, and cost effective. It will use reviews and ratings by other people with the app to rate the bank and ATM experience and feed it back to users.

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  1. tbrown tbrown says:

    This will be difficult based on the fact that most banks already have existing app-banking infrastructure and are not very open to sharing their source coding or connection details because of security. Most of these also have built in ATM locators or 3rd party locators that rely on peer input to rate different machines/services. This needs to be more need focused

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