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Healthy Commute


  • The web applIcation will launch shortly and we are currently working on android and iPhone app to make it more contextual to people who are traveling and looking for food. The current site is password protected and can be accessed here. Http:// Username: hcuser Password: FR0ST!3S. (0 is a zero)
    • Current Needs: Time
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    Our idea: Most people use the most efficient pathways from work to home every day. This is a highly established behavior and automatic routine. Healthy Commute endeavors to surface information about healthy options along the way and help people make healthy choices with a minimal additional effort.

    We show people a beneficial healthy food or activity option and clearly show the additional effort it would take in time and distance, allowing people make a clear cost-benefit decision.

    Through features in the design, we surface relevant options, allow people to explore choices in depth with crowd-sourced ratings, and facilitate action on healthy choices.

    Some features of Healthy Commute.

    1. Simple start
    Only the start and end addresses of a commute are needed. From these we can display options along the commute and encourage healthy choices.

    2. Healthy options results.
    The yelp API is employed to surface options for healthy food and healthy activities along the way. Healthy food is determined by Yelp comments.

    3. Detour routes.
    Google app engine is used to calculate and display alternate paths to healthy options nearby.

    4. Cost/benefit of detour
    The cost of additional time and distance are made clear so they can be weighted against the benefits of healthy options.

    5. Relevant exploration.
    Searching on specific interests will find more relevant results that encourage action.

    6. Informed choice.
    Yelp reviews provide an added layer of crowd sourced scoring to further validate options.

    7. Directions support choice.
    Printable directions facilitate turning the healthy choice into a healthy action.

    8. Social propagation.
    Built-in social tools make for easy viral propagation.

    Winner of hacking for health
    Winner of Health2.0 developer challenge


    Our team:
    Alex Tam, OrganizerManagerArtistDesigner
    Jason Peters – developer
    Suelyn Yu – interaction designer

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