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  • 4 votes

    Project | Goodwill Partnership Matrix Mobile App

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    Our idea: At Goodwill, we create solutions to poverty through the businesses we operate. In addition to being a network of re-used good retail stores, we offer a number of comprehensive resources that provide employment opportunities, job trainings, a number of social services – even programs to help youth from underserved communities reach their true ... more

  • 1 vote

    Project | edRover

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    Our idea: edRover is a location-aware mobile app that makes school fundraising fun while helping drive the local economy. edRover allows parents, students and educators to find nearby businesses that offer funds for school supplies and special benefits to the user just for checking-in to sponsored locations. Users can also shop through the app to ... more

  • 3 votes

    Project | Facebook Job Finding Assistant

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    If kids need jobs and kids are on Facebook, then it seem like that is a natural place for an app that helps a kid land a job. ... more

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