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Nine, health education and teens


  • The 9ine project consists of a full webisodic series of films about becoming a young parent.
    • Sponsor: 9ine Series, a production of the Public Internet Channel
    • Start Date: TBD
    • Current Needs: Cross-platform developers
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    With over 750,000 teen pregnancies annually in the United States, nearly a third of them not carried to term, Nine – a contemporary and courageous new scripted series produced by the Public Internet Channel will examine the all too real consequences of this life changing phenomenon from a teen father’s point of view.

    Along with the film, the NINE crew is proposing a mobile application designed specifically for young men who are thinking of becoming fathers. This app would be media rich and pull from current episodes and partner media produced on the topic. In addition the app could gather articles, resources and contacts for expectant fathers – tools that they could use to make more informed decisions about fatherhood and caring for a family.

    The application would include cost benefit calculators drawing on public data and forecasting the risks and benefits of starting a family. Some thoughts include: hidden costs of raising a child, calculated by year and displayed graphically, depending on the number of children, income level and other variables; hidden benefits of having children as related to tax breaks, higher education benefits and hard-to-measure emotional consequences.

    The 9ine app would link to partner resources, social networks and localized offerings to give the user a robust experience with their unique life situation. It would be a positive reinforcement and social tool to generate a community of thought around becoming a father.

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