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Pickup Sports


  • I have already build out prototype for iPhone, Android and WebOS. I have also built out the web platform for the application. We have a former swimmer from Columbia on the team to gather user feedback and feature requests.
  • Pickup Sports is an idea using mobile and web platform to crowd source local pickup games activities.

    Potential Users: People who wants to find and play pickup games in their neighborhood. Games such as basketball, football, running partner, hiking, etc. The app is build for those who wants to Trim the Fat or wants to stay healthy.

    How will it work: Users can go visit the website at or download “Pickup Sports” on iPhone, Android and WebOS. From these entry points users will be able to find local activities around their area. After posting your game, you can easily use facebook and twitter to share with your friends. This makes the application not only social on the web, but social in the real world as well.

    Benefits: Pickup Sports makes finding healthy activities fun and easy, and these physical activities provides mental, physical and social benefits to the users. Pickup Sports also provides an alternative for the schools who have low budget for their physical education.

    Sustain: Pickup Sports will have premium services for trainers and coaches, this will provide additional revenue for the company to sustain itself.

    How am I interested in it: I am a very active person, and it is extremely hard to find games after college. Even after weeks of planning, people still manage to bail out at the last minute. So after frustrating finding basketball games, I decided to make an app that allows users to post and find games in their local neighborhood.

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    1. This is a great idea. I love playing sports but I lack both the ability *and* the time to commit to a league. Pick up games can be found on Craigslist but it’s very hit and miss. I need more exercise but it’s hard to fit it in. An app to find out what’s going on nearby when I get the opportunity would be fantastic. Love it.

    2. Tom Quick says:

      This sounds pretty fun, and I see the need as well. I think that some would also like this for running and biking groups. As it is a way for people to anonymously link up, I think it would be good to provide some safety features for young people. First off, you might want to have agreements that specify users 14+ (which of course can be ignored, but this still helps for parents who keep up on their kids’ activity). Secondly, you might group some some activities by age – at least distinguishing the 14-18 set somehow. There are other reasons as well for this, as amateur baseball and soccer leagues I know of have 25+, 35+, and 45+ levels. For any sport, you could also have levels like: beginner, aficionado, rock star, etc.

    3. Hi Nyceane,

      I have been contemplating developing a similair service, and was wondering if you were looking for a partner on the project. I’m a recent Computer Science Major, working on apps with social benefit.

      I have several ideas for leveraging the location information that a smartphone app affords, and using push notification with some basic location, time/date, and sport filters, so that people can get notifications of pick-up game opportunities without necessarily remembering to check the app all the time. The app could also facilitate pick-up games by looking at the database of users for overlap in available times, aprox location, and sport, and then send suggested times out.

      I also have some ideas for building initial user base, and ideas for partners and monetization to atleast cover costs.

      Let me know if there’s some way I can help out, or if you just want to discuss my ideas,

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