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PoeMy: Connecting Young Writers


  • The Android app is almost ready. We are working on the related website. The iPhone app is under development. Android App Completion Date: May 16th, 2011 Website Completion: May 17th, 2011 iPhone app completion: June 30th, 2011
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    Our idea: PoeMy is a mobile platform that connects young writers with others and famous authors. It helps them to write and publish their poems, read published poems, use inbuilt rhyming tool and add the poems to their poem book. The app brings videos of famous authors to them that can inspire their creativity.

    The purpose of PoeMy is to bring all the possible resources in children’s hands that can help them to be great writers. It is meant to encourage children to read, write, rate and share poetry — both their own and those written by other poets. We can take out the best from them and provide them a platform where they can get direction and motivation to become great writers.

    PoeMy has 4 different features.

    First one is  to view  the poems published to the website. From this page, children can add the poems that they like to their poem book, which can be read anytime anywhere without network connectivity. Second one is “Write”.   It has inbuilt tool to find rhyming words. Children can save the poem being written to drafts or publish it to the corresponding PoeMy website. Third is to view the video interviews of famous authors published on iTunes by  And 4th is a flipbook that has all the poems added by the users presented in a book format.

    I am interested in this project as I am confident it will impact how children can become better writers. It will connect them with like minded aspiring poets and famous authors who have an internal sense of loving poetry, resonating with poetry, and being a poet.

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    Video: poemy-video

    Our team:
    gammapoint, DeveloperManager
    Amit Jain : Developer
    Teena Jain: Developer

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    1. solution27 says:

      seems something interesting and helpful coming up for young writers.

      looking forward to the app..

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