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Gotta Eat


Bill is 15, he’s currently in the 10th grade, he doesn’t mind taking care of his brothers. Bill enjoys helping his family around the house. He helps his parents make food for his grand parents and siblings. It can some times be hard for Bill and his family to prepare food on their budget.

Gotta Eat – Bryant’s Mobile App Idea from Digital Connectors on Vimeo.

This app helps people like bill, it’ll show people how to prepare healthy foods with in their budget. It will help high school students learn basic on how to create meals for their families. Using several interactive tools, like Facebook, to share meals and recipe ideas with friends,┬áCalendar┬áto list the meals and meals change up, options to show Local stores prices and deals can be sent to your phone. If a family doesn’t have a lot of money for the week, the app will come up with a list of meals that fit their weekly budget. This app is impportant to my community, their are lots of teens who have to take care of their families and this app will help them with some of the hard decisions like what to buy and how to prepare meal with a small budget.

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Bryant C, Charles H, Diane C, Justin F

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