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Stick With It!


Stick With It! is a comprehensive program to help teens change or maintain a desired behavior. Using a customizable personal ‘Plan of Attack’ – an in the moment support tool – combined with supporting and reliable health related information, Stick With It! will offer teens the opportunity to not only acquire the information and the peer support they need but to really LEARN it by helping put it into practice WHERE and WHEN it is needed.

The target users of Stick With It! are teenagers, 13 to 20 years old, who are actively trying to modify or maintain certain health-related behaviors (i.e. drinking and drug use, smoking, sexual behavior, eating disorders, violence, etc.) It can also be used for positive behavior modification, for instance doing homework or exercising. Because this is a voluntary program, the Stick With It! teen has to be aware of their behavior and be at least minimally internally motivated to initiate change, but may be lacking the necessary scaffolding to remain true to their intentions. Although initially developed for teens, we do believe that the uniqueness of the cross-platform program can eventually expand to anyone that is trying to adapt or monitor his or her behavior.

We developed this product out of a sincere desire to help teenagers effect the changes they want in their lives, on their own terms. It is important to note that we are not telling teens what decisions they should be making; rather, supporting them in making the decisions they want to make.

Our goal in creating Stick With It! is to address issues of teen social behavior in an innovative and socially responsible way. The impact on society would be a group of young people who know how to create boundaries for themselves and possess skills to support good decision-making. From our instincts, our research, and our conversations with teens, parents, and industry leaders, we feel the market is ripe for this type of intervention—we think it could make a real and important difference in the life of teenagers. While it was developed a long time ago today’s technology and marketplace make this in incredibly viable solution.

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