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Tenderloin Mural



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  • Initial user research, design prototypes and general concept have been developed. SMS platform has been tested and initial partner organizations have been aligned
    • Start Date: November 11, 2010
    • Current Needs: database architecture community outreach manager methodology and research investor
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    Tenderlearn connects people by organizing informal classes taught by neighbors who want to share their skills. Using the web-based application a participant could suggest a class topic: through the website, by texting on their phone or by visiting one of the neighborhood project partners, who then enter the request.

    tenderloin neighborhood

    When a topic gains enough interest or participants, TenderLearn finds a matching teacher from the database of people who have communicated that they have something they want to teach.  The system then messages the partner organizations to locate a space for the class with the community partner.  Once the students, teachers and location are matched, dates are set and Tenderlearn markets the class to the larger community via a weekly printable flier, SMS updates and the website.

    TenderLearn from Matthew Canton on Vimeo.

    Tenderlearn is a pilot program designed to be tested in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco.  The Tenderloin has the largest population of youth per capita anywhere in the city and is also home to the many of the city’s shelters and food banks.  This diverse neighborhood relies heavily on face to face interaction and SMS messaging for communication.  For this reason, Tenderlearn would use multiple platforms including desktop, SMS and in person to implement.  Also we believe the project, once developed would be largely scalable to similar urban neighborhoods in other cities.Great Urban Hack final showcase

    Ultimately TenderLearn aims to allow for participants to pay for their courses via SMS, to give follow up ratings and recommendations for venues and instructors.  We believe that through increased interaction between neighbors in a fun, self directed environment, the neighborhood will improve.  In addition we imagine residents of neighboring communities who have little occasion to visit the Tenderloin, will be inspired to participate.

    TenderLearn was conceived at the Great Urban Hack sponsored by GAFFTA and Hacks/Hackers in San Francisco.

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