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Looking to maximize your score on the GRE? With over 500 flashcards covering need-to-know GRE vocabulary words, Kaplan’s GRE Exam Vocabulary is designed to help you to quickly learn the words that will help you succeed on the verbal section of the GRE. Study on the go with multiple difficulty levels and track your progress with performance scoring to make sure you’re as prepared as possible for the big test.

Improve your score, save some trees

Kaplan’s GRE Exam Vocabulary has a flexible flashcard system that you can take wherever you go–no index cards or magic markers required. For each word you can see definitions, phonetic pronunciations, parts of speech, synonyms, and sample sentences that place the words in the proper context. With Kaplan’s GRE Exam Vocabulary Flashcards you can:


Reference mode
  • Manage your progress through three levels of difficulty: challenging, advanced, and most difficult or study all terms simultaneously
  • Study a category or take a quiz to test your knowledge–you decide
  • Try multiple choice to match one of four definitions to the appropriate word
  • Reverse the question and answer side of the flashcard to match the definition to the word
  • Test a higher level of comprehension by matching one of four synonyms to the appropriate word
  • Auto-shuffle your missed cards with a some you scored correctly to allow for focused study
  • Hide or show the score panel to track your progress and hone your study goals
  • 5 star performance scoring for quizzes helps you to track your improvement
  • Set the font size you prefer to make it easier on the eyes
  • Mark cards for later review in your starred cardset
Reference mode

Kaplan’s GRE Exam Vocabulary also has a reference mode so you can search for specific words or scroll through the entire word list. Toggle quick definitions on and off, jump to a word detail view, and quickly skip to a specific letter with the A-to-Z side panel. You can also view in either portrait or landscape mode.