Lose It!


 Lose It!

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If you are looking for results at the scale, this app may be the one to try. Of active users, 85% report losing weight with an average loss is 12 pounds. User reviews are pretty ecstatic — running 4 of 5 stars.


Goals display in Lose It!

Lose It! allows you to create a personalized plan and then track what you eat and the exercise that you do. At a glance on your iPhone or the web, you can see what you ate at each meal of the day and how it adds up against your daily calorie budget. Your running and walking will show up as a negative calorie amount against your eating. If you eat something like pancakes, the individual ingredients in the recipe appear.

Probably a major part of the product’s success is that it allows for friends to use it together and share their progress. As we all know, peer pressure can bolster a flagging will as little else can. When your goals and performance are known to others, your motivation increases. Hooks are also there to tweet, email and Facebook report your work.

Foods include meals from popular chain restaurants and supermarkets.

When you start, you input your current weight and target which sets your daily calorie budget. Then you can enter what you ate today so far. Dang, my Carl’s Junior burger combo has me 50% into my daily budget! Looks like salad and a run for dinner!