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  • 41 votes

    Project | Helping People Find Places That Accept foodstamps

    read more is a free sms-based app that helps food stamp recipients find healthy places that accept SNAP (food stamps). Most recipients have money in their accounts, but many are embarrassed to go to farmers markets and nice stores and ask if they accept SNAP. … more

  • 123votes

    Project | Expanding immigrant financial options

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    Remás enables immigrants to save on money transfer fees, access the financial mainstream, and increase opportunities for themselves and their communities here and abroad. … more

  • 4votes

    Project | Goodwill Partnership Matrix Mobile App

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    Our idea: At Goodwill, we create solutions to poverty through the businesses we operate. In addition to being a network of re-used good retail stores, we offer a number of comprehensive resources that provide employment opportunities, job trainings, a number of social services – even programs to help youth from underserved communities reach their true … more

  • 6votes

    Project | MobileSaver

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    MobileSaver is a mobile web portal for the management of an Individual Development Account. … more

  • 0votes

    Idea | Green Bank

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    Green Bank is a bank assistance and management mobile app that will help people access and manage their money. With in the app, individuals will be able to access their bank accounts from their phones. Along with basic banking actions, like transferring funds to different accounts, looking your balance, and viewing your withdrawals, you will also be able to find … more

  • 6votes

    Project | Banking Bargains and Risks App

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    More people would use banks if they could find the best deals. … more

  • 1vote

    Idea | Banking Tradeoffs App

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    This tool will illustrate the costs of payday lending and check cashing versus traditional banking. Before individuals decide to use alternative financial services, they will be able to use this tool to understand the costs associated with each service. This tool will make the costs associated with the alternative financial services more transparent and shed… more