Healthy Eating Reminders


Tags: css, diet, front-end, health, javascript, nutrition

The Healthy Eating Reminders (HER) application will target low-income and low-literacy audiences that are disproportionately impacted. This mobile application will help users remember to eat the recommended five-to-six, mini-meals daily (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and snack). It will allow the user to enter the times to be reminded to eat, as well as provide motivational tips to encourage her to meet your nutritional needs. A personalized chime will ring, alerting her that it’s time to eat. In addition, the app will give tips to related articles and videos about health and exercise. The content we have in mind are available at

We must develop tools, information and resources that help our target audience deal with obesity and overweight in culturally-sensitive and relevant ways. Few of the tools on the market are specific to the needs of low-income and low-literacy audiences.

We envision a smartphone mobile application will be supported by iPhone and Android. If there is interest, a Blackberry version would be awesome. If people are interested in an accompanying SMS approach, I’d love to discuss it.

I work for the sponsor of this site. We’ve been using the web to help low-income people for 10 years.

What we can bring:

  • We plan to enlist a leading behavior change researcher to advise on application creation and then write a paper on the results from the prototype.
  • Lots of ready content produced specifically for this audience.
  • A production crew for creating new material – if it can be funded
  • Some experience with creating PhoneGap apps. We can provide templates and consult from our experience
  • Over 100 youth programs with kids and families who could be beta users and provide feedback
  • Portal pages at hundreds of low income housing developments where other beta users could be found
  • Our and platforms from which to promote the app