My app is designed to help students with their learning but it also has tools that will help them with their school work and tone their stress down. This is a comprehensive app, with many smaller apps inside of it. It’ll have lots of tools that will help students understand what they are learning in class. Students will learn easier and faster. When they need help, the app can also help them with their homework.


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This app is important to my community, I see lots of students who struggle in school and they don’t try to seek help for it, many will drop out of school or just won’t take their education seriously. If students actually understand what they are learning in school they wont stress about it, they will eventually take school more seriously and look forward to school everyday. Its true, especially for me, whenever I do not understand something in school, I would not like that class. When I start to understand, it gets very interesting and I enjoy learning in the class. This app will help students with their education and motivate them to try hard and suceed in school.

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Jenny C